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This course offers students a comprehensive understanding of the key advancements in sustainable finance. It covers a range of critical topics, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, stakeholder engagement strategies, impact investing, and philanthropic initiatives. To enrich the learning experience, the course intricately blends theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, featuring weekly lectures from seasoned practitioners in the field. This approach ensures that students not only grasp the academic concepts but also gain practical insights into applying these principles in the evolving landscape of sustainable finance.

Sustainable Finance

April - May

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Drawing inspiration from the popular TV show 'Shark Tank,' this course engages student groups in a dynamic exercise where they pitch their impact investment proposals to a panel of experienced financial experts. Each group is tasked with conducting thorough financial and impact analyses, which they present to the jury. This hands-on approach not only hones their analytical and presentation skills but also provides valuable insights into the real-world process of securing investments based on both financial viability and potential social or environmental impact.

Sustainable investing


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I offer tailor-made courses for financial institutions 

Sustainable Finance Executive Teaching for financial institutions 

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